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Price: $10K = software (with mapping), PC, New laser printer, bar code scanner, some startup forms, Training (you pay for travel) etc.. Again.. NOT A BIG DEAL.. Much like a ride on spreader this cost is easily justifiable based on $$ saved and generated with it. and you're still gonna have this after you've wasted 4 ride ons..

I negotiated and did not pay $10k for the software.. I feel that I would be doing RG a disservice to tell everyone exactly what I paid.. I actually agreed not to. they will negotiate.

Forms: If you want to have the professional looking invoices, with cabon copies, and upsale boxes.. they are only mass produced by realgreen. If you use those, you then need an envelope with windows in non-stanard positions.. buy it from RG.. The pre-pay forms.. same thing.. This isn't a BIG deal, because RG is affordable on these products if you buy a couple years worth at a time.. it's actually kinda hard to beat their pricing on this stuff.. You can print on standard white paper.. however you lose a lot of the appeal of the software by doing that.

Tech Support: I agree, once you get them on the phone, they are great.. and sometimes I call and I only wait 5 minutes.. recently that has been the case.. but I think it's worth mentioning that waits exist, and it's not expected when you're paying over $3.00 per day for tech support regardless of if you're using it.
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