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Originally Posted by Rayholio View Post
Price: $10K = software (with mapping), PC, New laser printer, bar code scanner, some startup forms, Training (you pay for travel) etc..

Well that makes more sense. I don't think it's fair though to include a computer, printer, barcode scanner, and forms in your cost for setting up Real Green. It puts the impression that the software and installation cost $10k, when it does not. (Unless you have severs and such)

I know you said it was the cost to get setup, but you would have had to buy all this stuff anyways regardless of the software. You don't even have to have a barcode scanner.

Forms: If you want to have the professional looking invoices, with cabon copies, and upsale boxes.. they are only mass produced by realgreen. If you use those, you then need an envelope with windows in non-stanard positions.. buy it from RG.. The pre-pay forms.. same thing.. This isn't a BIG deal, because RG is affordable on these products if you buy a couple years worth at a time.. it's actually kinda hard to beat their pricing on this stuff.. You can print on standard white paper.. however you lose a lot of the appeal of the software by doing that.

I agree, RG is affordable on the prices of these products. It's not fair to say how you "have" to buy the forms from RG when really we're just buying the forms from them because they are good quality and affordable. To be clear to everyone, you don't "have" to buy the forms, but they work very well (especially invoices) and look very nice. It's more of convenience than anything else.
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