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I hate GFCI issues. I have several properties, that have an old, cracked dangerous looking old plug hidden in a shed somewhere. Those things are awesome ! they never trip. but I have hundreds of brand new state of the art 20 amp GFCI outlets out there that pop all the time. It kills me that it is plenty legal to plug into an old outlet, but not legal to change them out. I have had customers wrap bags around timers, cord connections, taping, siliconing, etc, in an effort to keep them from tripping. I have customers that run a cord into a spare unused bedroom window, and then block the window draft with newspaper. They hate not having their lights on. I actually do the lights at the electric company. and they have 10 GFCI outlets that are worthless in the rain. but they have one old non-gfci plug on the end of the building...

I will tell you that changing out a GFCI does not endanger the home in any way because of overload or fire, etc. , but it does endanger someone of getting a shock. they are designed for that purpose, keeping someone from even feeling a shock, specifically around water. I have gotten a shock that trips a breaker on a non gfci circuit, and man, that wakes you up.

You could try switching them out with new 20 amp new gfci's. The new ones seem to be WAY better at not tripping until they trip that first time. after that, not so much. once a GFCI has been reset 10-20 times, spend the 10-15 bucks to replace it. It should be done by a master electrician, but any website in the world will tell you to put the black wire on the "hot" side, the white on the "white" side, and the green on the green ground screw. every GFCI outlet I have seen is labeled.

again, probably illegal, but those light socket to plug adapters can usually handle 3-500 watts and might just be on a non gfci circuit. for LED jobs, might help...

but I am not advising anyone to do anything illegal....
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