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Toro diesel line up ??????????

hi ,
A few questions
Is the 597 diahatsu a deleted model
Am i correct is the 580 kubota series not up to the level of the 597
oil cooler
z stand
suspension seat
hydraulic drive cooling fan

So i assume the model line up is z 580 or the grounds master 7200 series
If this is the case ,it appears u either have a machine with everything or one with little or no extras

I hope that i am wrong

If correct would it not have been far superior

1/ z 580 as is entry level 23-25 hp

2 / Redesign 597 to take 28 hp kubota [1.1 ltr ]

3/ grounds master 7210 series [ 35 hp 1.1 ltr turbo]

QQ 7210/00 series etc does not have different wheel track to allow for different deck width .. Therefore having litte trim ability with smaller deck ??

Q Does the 7210/00 series come with either 60 inch rear and side discharge decks ?

The 597 is highly regarded in aust. and popular
The 597 has also been around a long time with 99 % of issues being resolved
cooling fAN pump resolved ,, mule drive belts resolved etc

Thanks tomo
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