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Originally Posted by phasthound View Post

Did you have your meeting with billmaster? What can you tell us?
Barry, I've been trying to finish up my year productionwise during the day and had unexpected issues to deal with in the late afternoon/evening the last 2 days. However, I just got off the phone with him and everything went well. He gave me another demo using my information this time. It was interesting to see. Every question/ concern I could possibly come up with was answered with "it does that automatically" or I was shown how it could be accessed with the stroke of a key. He also showed me a map feature where you type in a starting point,say your shop(address) and then type in the address of where you want to go(if it was a current customer a keystroke did it automatically) and it gives you the distance from point A to point B. If you kept zooming it will bring you right down to a section of 3 or 4 streets on a city map. You could also switch over to an aerial photo of the specific address. I believe it was Google Maps. It could store and connect up to 6 separate locations for you. He is working on expanding this feature more (more locations stored I believe). Anyway, long story short. I'm sold. I'm buying and with a 2-3 hr initial training I will be able to accomplish basic tasks with ease( So he says. I don't think he realizes just how technologically challenged I really am)
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