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Originally Posted by Property Maintenance Plus View Post
Ive been all over the east coast on rides and I can tell you that deals gap is not whats its cracked up to be..IMO. Its a slow road, sure you drag knees and what not, but the big 18 wheelers and crazy car racers that are there will kill you. Type into you tube deals gap and look threw some of the horror videos of trucks not making the turns, they are way to sharp and the trucks go WAY over the yellows. Its just no fun imo. If you want a real ride, go to rt.33 on the WV, VA line. Best road I have rode in my life. Its a fast, sweeping type road and YES, you can drag knees I do it everyweekend in the summer. Its a great ride and B E Autiful scenery.
Thanks for the info man. In a couple weeks I'm going to the twisted sisters (west texas). During the summer I will be looking for places to go up north because it gets really hot here. I will definitely keep that suggestion in mind.
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