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Originally Posted by DoetschOutdoor View Post
Cant really compare an old 500 2 stroke to a modern day 450 4 just depends what you want and your style of riding. Nobody takes a CR500 on a track anymore, but a 450 is at home. When you want straight up arm ripping play riding or whatever, the 500 might be more fun. But then again, I know yamaha had many 450 riders saying the bikes were overpowered for many tracks with arm ripping power. I have ridden both and they both rip your arms off!! But with ease of starting, availability of parts, not mixing gas, etc. etc. , I will take a new fuel injected 450!!
I'm old school and I always like to be different.The thing is, when you take a 250 on a track, nobody notices you, when you take a 450 on the track nobody notices you, but when you ride up on a popping CR500, everyone stops what they're doing. Even back in 97', people were always grinning when I took my 500 out on the track. I had guys who would stop riding just to see that "bad boy" roost in the corners-you can't get that kind of attention on a 450 because everyone has one. I raced my 500 on M/X tracks, woods racing, and grand prix's. It was a hand full but that's what I wanted. What other bike will sling dirt at 60 MPH!!!!???????? If I ever got back into riding, I'd still consider getting another used 500 and give those 450's a face full of dirt!!!!
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