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Originally Posted by grassman177 View Post
you should be bringing in some good money for your obvious talent and skill. are you a one man show, have employees, crews??? cant remember if you said this.
One man wrecking crew, and I like it that way for now. I really wouldn't say that I've had " Overnight Success " like some have had and I attribute that to the fact that our local economy is saturated by landscapers. I have a feeling though that I'll need a part-timer at the minimum to help next year, and I just switched my liability insurance over to a company that also handles workman's comp so all I have to do is call and add it. Probably also looking into starting a corporation before next season and I already have my Tax ID number even though I don't need it as a sole proprietor and not paying anyone.

I will say though that I did have my neighbor help me on the paver project. He put in about 20 hours or so, and a girl helped for 6 hours on a sod job and that's all the help I've had since starting.

I have a feeling though that things will progress one way or another, word of mouth has expanded more, and I'm possibly thinking about about an ad campaign next year. I've seen a billboard that is just asking for the White Gardens logo on it. I also just joined a BNI group in Bloomington and I can see some good coming from that also.

There is a possibility that I will have work in Champaign IL next year also. A friend of a friend has recommended me and they've already gotten 3 quotes and designs that they haven't been satisfied with. It involves a pergola, fire pit, patio and a few other random items. So far they like what I have to say and love the pics they've seen of my work.
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