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Bravo are you talking 250 as in 2-stroke? Because those are rare at the races, not many have them. I hate the sound of 2-stroke dirtbikes, annoying, the 09-10 kawi 250 & 450s are the best sounding out there by far!! I'd have one but I gotta pay for college

The 450s are definitely overpowered for sx tracks and indoor tracks, for outdoors they're pretty damn fast. My RMZ 250 is the perfect medium, perfect for indoors, as well as outdoors. And my riding style suits a 4-stroke much better because I've always been a low-mid rpm rider, the 2 strokes power is on the high end, I'm up a gear compared to most guys, smoother and quieter is faster because some guys, mostly honda riders for some reason are 2nd gear rev limiter and I'm in 3rd and my bike is quiet, and when they run out of power, I've got a lot more being a gear higher, and suzukis have a lot of low end torque.
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