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Originally Posted by ted putnam View Post
Not sure exactly why, but my wife would like a Mac. The computer I presently use is about a n 8 yr old Dell. We didn't want to take a chance on getting this new software and adding one more thing to something that could go any day so...yesterday I bought a new Toshiba laptop at Best Buy 18 months, zero interest. I will have the new software downloaded onto it today. We figured the laptop will be more convenient. I'll be able to take it out to my desk in my shop or use it in my home. I was shocked at just how inexpensive computers have become. I bought the Dell before you could even buy them retail and it was very close to $3000 at the time. It looked like you could get a very nice PC for $11-1200 now.
You're going to enjoy the difference in performance over an 8 year old machine! I was thinking about getting wireless plan for my laptop, but was leery about losing or damaging it when taking it in the field or on the road. So instead, I just got a net book for only $40.00!
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