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Collecting Payments

I have a customer I did some first year decorating for. If you read one of my other threads she was a once in a lifetime customer. She never asked how much but rather when can you do it. I had some issues with not having enough supplies and had to wait on a shippment. She wasnt very happy and informed me next year we would get them up earlier. I apologized and agreed. Well we got her up and running. This is there weekend home with they visit almost every weekend. I talked to her husband last weekend and he said he came down but she said in their hometown. He is very pleased with the lights. I ask him what to do with the final invoice and he informs me that he is going to Germany for Christmas so just email it to the wife and she will wire the money to my account. I emailed and called numerous times with no response. She owes me over $4,000.00. I really don't want to piss them off but I would really like to get paid. What should I do?
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