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Glad we had fun. I'll be gladder still if the 7-8 action items we talked about help your #of closed jobs and your bids in '10. we'll follow up in 45-60 days or so to see how you guys are doing.

also- for everyone- I just did a search on ebay for box van, and finessed the search once I narrowed it to the commercial truck finder. basically I put in under 5000 bucks, under 200,000 miles and listed them in oder of year. there were 88, but many of them are with a reserve price and will not sell for $5000 or less. another good place to search around is there advanced search function won't let you get rid of the expensive trucks, but you can search by your zip code, sort by price, and don't forget further down the list are the non enhanced listings in your price range as well.

I got both of our current box vans from ebay, paying $3500 for my '97 14 foot aero fibergalss e-350, and $4500 for my 2001 14 foot e-450 super duty. I would reccomend doing 16 foot length minimum and 20 foot maximum. a 16 foot boxvan can carry a 32 foot ladder inside rather than on top, and will save the guys the 15-30 minutes to load it on top and unload it/strap and unstrap every day. also, at takedowns, I have found a 14 footer is barely enough space to carry everything that 2 guys can take down in a 8-10 hour day.

I will try to buy another box van this year, but I HAVE to get my add on to shop up first this year.
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