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Many of us are not checking in here as often as we do in-season. This is a good time of year to figure these things out. Good luck.

Below are links to three threads where I and others have chimed in on pricing that might help you.

Basically, I developed a spreadsheet template that makes it easy and fast to generate an estimate. I answer a couple of questions and it gives me a price to use for the application fee. I use one for sprayed applications and another for spreading granular products. I spent many hours on the templates and have great confidence in it. Typically, the only lines I change are the size of the property and distance from my shop but if I cared to update the price of fuel, the hourly wage I would like to make, or any other components of pricing I could do so.

These can be set up in whatever way suits you. Mine gives me a figure to use for the application with an empty spreader or water only in the sprayer. I prefer to list materials separately on proposals and invoices.

Is There a Science to Pricing

What Is Your Minimum...

Athletic Fields Pricing on Fertilization
Michigan PABL
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