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Wow those are great prices for a boxvan. I will start checking out ebay. I think that's the best route for our next business vehicle. I doubt we will ever do a truck and trailer setup again -- especially if you're going to have employees driving.

This brings me to another big of an area do ya'll service? We used to concentrate within a 30 minute driving distance...then we expanded to one very small affluent section of Houston. This year as we're trying to expand even more -- we branched out further. Which of course turns into a headache for service calls when you have to drive an hour one way.

I have considered a 2nd storage warehouse for our clients on the other side of town...and then we would have a crew that would be based on that side of town for next season. Has anybody tried this? Is it better to just consider the drive time as part of the cost of expanding business?
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