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we bought our warehouse about 4 seasons ago and played it like this- all our installs went out of the old, and the takedowns went to the new place. I can honestly say we had a dozen or so times where we needed something at one place and it was at another. those are REALLY frustrating.

after that season, I am in the one shop camp.

but we do service a 2 county area, and we have many installs that are an hour away from the shop. That is more of a function of the location of our shop, which leans heavy south of one county.

not really for storing jobs, I cannot count the times I wish we had some form of supply shop for the north edge of the north county. a 5x10 rental storage place stocked with a case each of clear and multi c-9s, all in clips, s-clips, gable clips, 50 boxes each of color and clear mini's. 15 boxes of red mini's. a case of garland and each size of wreaths, 6 links of each popular design, a magic box, spool of c-9 cord, male plugs and 6 each of extension cord sizes.
If you filled it at the beginning of my season on Sept 1, and then emptied it the day after Christmas when takedowns are slow, you would be out about 80 bucks in storage and the cost of the items added to your inventory list.

would the cost of such a thing be worth it? probably you would have to use it at least 4-6 times a year, and think of it more in terms of allowing you capture opportunity cost, rather than the cost of labor saved from not having to pay guys to drive all the way back to the shop when they run out of bulbs or they forget the garland for a job, etc.

But you also have to look at the cost of paying guys to load, unload, and then empy and restock the shop each year as well.

tough call.

My plan in 5-6 years once my expanded shop is full is to build a 10-12,000 square foot, 20 plus foot tall shop in a 2 mile radius of the exact center of our service area. That would really help our average drive time. I would expect a centrally located shop would either allow us a 6-8000 per year labor savings, or we would get more dollars of work done with the same labor, guys on the job more than in the truck.
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