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I call it a light testing unit or magic box. when you hit the button, lights come on like magic.

LED's in the landscape light industry are newer than even LED's in the Christmas light biz. James Solecki at Integra Lighting up in canada has developed the first LED landscape light bulb I would TRY. It has less than 16 months of actual use in the field, and last I heard it is still going well. The color and lumen output are near perfect for 2800 kelvin color, and lumen wise it mimics the 20 watt halogen at around 11.5 volts. I give no guarantees of it's life or what the lumen output and color will be over time. everything else out there, and I mean all of them, has failed. FX's line looks good in the heatsinking department, but it again is so new it has less than 6 months time out in the field.

If you are thinking of getting into the landscape light side, I would stay away from LED for a few years until it shows itself as a viable technology. Use materials that have a history of 20 years in the field before jumping to the unknown stuff. You can try LED on your own home if you wish, but when I charge folks for something, I need to know I can stand behind it.

while LED's when perfected will make the Christmas Light biz better by stuff lasting longer and using less elctricity, so installs should go way better, LED's on the landscape light side actually hurt you financially.

I have a nice sideline rebulbing, cleaning, repositioning, etc, all the landscape ligghting jobs I have installed. In 5 years or so, That income will disappear when I rebulb with LED's. while lights will still need cleaning, reaimin, trimming away foliage that blocks the light, etc, yearly maintenance, I cannot imagine a client being willing to pay what they pay now when the cost of the bulbs is out of the picture.
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