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Originally Posted by T_S_S View Post
Gr- Tell me one thing in my post that would hint wether or not i have done any work on water? Stop with the stories please . no one cares. Stop hi-jacking everyones threads with your non sense.

And btw- I built cutom homes and cottages with my father for 3 years, and 80% of them were million dollar projects in the muskokas. Yes we used barges quite frequently to get to the islands, transport materials, equipment , etc. In the winter we even drove trucks across the lakes , loaded with materials. Dont come back with some comment about how you have driven a cat 777 rock truck across the ocean the one time it froze over, when you were 5 years old and the economy sucked then too. No one wants to hear it.
that last part was just awesome..

And GR, I dont mind your posts, but when you do things like that link, and the comment, "I doubt he has experience with this". That is what gets on my nerves, this is BMs thread to show off, not for you to put him down. So please, let him show off. God knows we all enjoy the pics!
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Originally Posted by bobcat_ron View Post

Just run the god damn sh*t out of the machine and the hell with all the other crap, make money instead of worrying about crap that only accountants think about!
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