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Unfortunately my bone stock 40" toro turboforce deck with maybe 50 hours on it does not have even good vaccum, much less "incredible". Yet at the same time it's packing the deck with clippings.

That's my problem. I would understand if it packed the deck but vaccumed like a banshee. Or if it didn't have as much vaccum power but didn't pack the deck. I cut the same grass with an old 44" toro wb, a 48" exmark ztr, and a 44" gravely ztr. The new 40" by far accumulates clippings faster and lacks enough vaccum to even pick up leaves if they are not sitting on top of the lawn. I sectioned my lawn off as a test and tried them all. I've also varied the baffle positions trying to see an improvement with little luck.

Now I have the mulch kit on it and while it's not terrible, it does have significant blowout and again does not pick up, recycle, and mulch anything close as well as the Exmark. It contours well and that is why I got it, to mow Bermudagrass lawns where a ZTR is too heavy. But if there is a simple improvement I can make I would be interested in hearing it.

The blades are the high lift OEM ones.

I'm to the point where I would even consider removing ALL baffles to see if that resulted in at least a more SFS style cutting ability.

I have been waiting months for a Grandstand 40" to become available and replace one of my ztrs, but if this is the deck's performance I can't afford to do that.
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