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Yeah, I was pretty po'ed. I had told them the first night that if we were talking about anything close to the $4K range, that I was out. I was clear that I didn't have that kind of money. Yet they still wasted my time (and they knew that it was over an hour drive for me too).

They saleman tried to shake my hand good bye, we just walked out.

Here's what gets me. They told me that if I could sell my truck and had the cash, they'd let me have the Ram for $13,700.

I KNOW they can get that or more for my Dakota plus I was willing to add $2K. But they'd rather just sell the Ram for $13,700 now? They're passing up $2K for just the trouble of doing the paperwork for the trade. Makes no sense.

And I've been looking around ALOT for a 3/4 ton in that year range and mileage range and nothing else out there is even coming close to the deal on that Ram. Everything else I'm seeing is $14,995 for JUST the truck, no plow or dump insert.

Oh well, gonna detail my truck this weekend and put it in the Truck Trader and see what happens.

Anyone wanna buy a nice Dakota? LOL!
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