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Originally Posted by stroker51 View Post
Makes sense. I'm set up similar, but only running one mowing crew, that if I can ever get away from mowing everyday could really do quite a bit more work. Im still running the crew though, and doing all of our lawn apps. So that rig could handle another day worth of mowing easy, if I could still have my extra time for lawn apps, sprinkler service, small landscape work etc. I know where you're coming from with the personal truck, I've got an 01 super duty powerstroke that i bought used, still a very very clean truck and I hate to take it out to mow, it basically sits, hauls me around, and plows snow. So you guys strictly do driveways for snow then?
we do several private roads. we lost our parking lots. its fine with me though, we are making enough and we dont have to buy a sander
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