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yes we have the edger attachment that guys slip on every other week on the commercial sites and edge the sidewalks real quick. It works really great. No back vacs, we don't bag anything. We send it right back where it came from. We don't cut anything less than 3.5" The 2500's are a great machine build like a tank. The super Z's are good too but I think they were trying get $$ down for production when they came out with that. Sometime in the next year or so we will switch all three out at once to eliminate excessive parts to carry with us. We are around 1000 hours on them now. Oil changed every 50, air every 50, greased every day. And most importantly of all sharp blades every day. With the air tools and jacks we can have a mower switched out in less than 5 minutes.

The guys out at Huslter know all about this rig. It even says "Hustler Turf Equiment" on the outside in small letters.


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