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Originally Posted by Staffordnurseries View Post
I dont sell wholesale, I have a cut your own farm near Leroy, New York. If you are looking for bare root seedlings to start out with I would recommend Western Maine Nurseries...just google their name.

Hopefully you are aware of the work cycle and time required to grow Christmas trees. I have found it worth while but alot of people just think it is plant and wait. Spraying, mowing, herbicide and shearing are all yearly requirements for each and every tree.

Write back if you are serious
I checked out the site and I found the prices to be a tad high. I guess it wouldnt matter if the person only planted a hundred or two per season. Doing a thousand or more would make every penny per transplant count.

And you are very right about growing trees. Unless you have a deep passion to grow them.........dont.

I know the wholesale price of a 6-7 foot Douglas Fir here is roughly, and I mean roughly $20.
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