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Originally posted by Mykster
How about some closer pics of the Dodge????
Here's the Dodge. Not to step on feet but we have had our share of problems with this one. It has 83,000 on it. It's a 98 with an automatic. We are meticulous with maintenance, however we blew the Cummins out at 79,000. Cracked block. Cummins dropped a whole new engine in it at no cost. Secondly the tranny, horrible. After the second one went out we did alot of research and ended up putting an Allison in it. Had to find a different bell housing to match the engine to tranny, and the list goes on and on. But between the two we are under warranty now until 150,000 on the engine and tranny. Now it just eats brakes, I can live with that. I have too much invested in this truck to unloaded it. Our 2003 will be a GMC topkick 5500.
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