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I used to go down to Falls of the Rough, KY every summer with a guy mowed I for, his son lived down there and we would all stay at his house, We would drink most of the time and fish the rest! The best spot was right next to the old mill on the rough river. Mostly we caught striped bass and Gar, they are a mean fish! We stayed about 4-5 days. They drank too much for me though, many nights we would sit up all night until the sun came up drinking, the get up about 3 hours later and start drinking right away!! I felt pretty rough by the 4th day. They have this weird little animal down there Ive never even heard of, they called it a mud puppy, it lived in water,but could also walk on land? Ive never seen any of these anywhere else. Those were great times down there.
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