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Originally Posted by MCFISH View Post
I fish for a living, as a Captain on a private/charter sport fishing boat based in Key Largo Fl. Mainly we fish from the Bahamas and up and down the eastern sea board as for north as Main. Most of our fishing is done for Sailfish but also fish for Blue and White Marlin, Swordfish, Yellow fin tuna, Blue fin Tuna,Wahoo and Snapper on the reefs.
It is a great job but just like anything else after awhile it gets old. That's why in the spring I'm going to try to start a light excavation business in the Midwest with some mowing thrown in for cash flow. Still will fish Dec. through Apr. in Fl. for a couple years until the excavation thing gets off the ground.
hahah i am doing the exact opposite as you. I am burned out with construction and landscape work. I will be moving to Texas next year and start my own guide service. Maybe we can swap. hahha
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