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Originally Posted by Rayholio View Post
if you get away for 8 grand, you did pretty good really.. I think a lot of people have to upgrade (replace) their pcs when they get set up.. that's why I included that in the price...

on the forms what I'm saying is RG doesn't use standard quickbook forms or allow you to move totals, ads and such around to suit whatever form you have.. IF you want to upsale on your invoice, or IF you want to use the layout that looks professional, you're either going to have to get custom printing, or buy it from realgreen.. You WILL NOT be walking into office max and buying any forms that work with the software.. It was worth mentioning, for those who don't like to be 'held hostage' by one company..

Again, it's not a problem right now, as realgreen is plenty affordable on thier forms, and I'm happy to be using them.. but if they decided to double their prices tomorrow, I would HAVE to pay the extra.. or my billing, and invoicing image would go down the toilet, because my only other option would be printing on plain white paper..
I had a demo, and was not impressed with RG compared to my current software. When the salesman was packing up, after I told him I was not interested, he was kinda of a jerk. I didn't tell him I would never purchase it. Just at that particular time, there was nothing, besides support that my current software didn't offer. After his attitude, I will never buy RG.

I have enough on my plate, I do not need to be monopolized by a software firm. RG just goes around the country purchasing other lawncare software from companies, and raising their prices, so you have no choice but to use their software. Ray is right, when they raise their prices, you will have no choice but to pay them..

After paying that much for software and support, I would be pizzed if I could not get an immediate answer to my question.. But I suppose they already have your money, so what can you do about it

Just my 2 cents..
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