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Originally Posted by Patriot Services View Post
Now that I am done pizzing on myself over Kevin's video. I am doing one of my regulars and a guy rollerblades by twice watching me. He flags me down on my way out wanting an estimate. Nice gated community, corner lot, 1/3 acre. Says he has "Joes Lawn Service" doing it now but they edge too deep, scalp around the sprinklers blah, blah, blah. I ask my standard " so, what are they charging to make you unhappy?" Guy says 45.00 a month!! Mind you this is a 3 man crew I've seen here with good equipment. The guy shows me an invoice. I about fell over. This was not a winter rate either. This is beyond lowballing. I do yards all around him for 100.00, most I have had for 3 years. Joe can have it, guy sounded like a PITA, maybe I should get him to sub my accounts.
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