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well beseen after i challanged you to design me a shirt graphic and ask what your setupand design dee was and what the price per 24 and what the shipping to TN was i could only assume you could read i WANTED shirts , also pleas dont use part of my quotes to fill your needs post what i said in full and not what you want it to say ,this is slandering . The challange to you was to design me a cool look for our new Lawn guys shrits i didnt slander or even come close so forget the idea ,in our e-mail i even left it on the table by stating i hadn't changed my mind if you can print me my request would be glad to look it over STILL.

see you mentioned loosing your sponsership here so i even requested it through your web-site personally , to see if we could get them printed . and again you said NO

i didnt slander your business ,just feel sorry you are losing $$$$ for not excepting work .

here is a tip next time you assume its a business to business challenge read the rest of it , we cut lawns alot of them so we dont hsve time to print shirts too.
good luck in your future. simply put , you have my contact info if you change your mind and cna address our needs its your choice , always has been .
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