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Originally Posted by kolawns View Post
I'm gonna look in the other business related forums, but I just wanted to ask you guys. What do you use for taxes? I've got an accountant & all he needs/wants are the raw end of year numbers. But what I need is something to keep track of my expenses/income so that I can see it/check on it/change it throughout the year. This is the end of my third full year in business & I've used something different every year. I'm just trying to get some ideas. I don't need something that will help me do my taxes, that's what I pay the accountant for.
Yeah quickbooks is the way to go, been using it since I started. There is other software out there, but it is too expensive, not worth it. I looked at one for example... the tag was $500. ridiculous. So I have stayed with the quickbooks, for a small business like ours, it fits our purposes.

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