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Need some brake fluid help ASAP!

Bought a very nice truck this summer for myself, and the Mrs. More of a personal truck, crew cab black 250 diesel, love the truck! Spotless. Was about 150 miles away from home a week or so ago when the front left brake caliper clamped up. This has happened in each one of the 4 fords I have ever owned, not sure why but it has. Anyways I'm far from home, didnt really realize it until we get stuck in traffic and every time I hit the brake I get a lovely grinding sound and feeling. Long story short I needed a new front brake job. All done

Now the problem- During the grinding and what not a brake line snapped up front, spewed brake fluid all down the left side of my nice spotless black truck!! Along with the metal shavings that I basically created while driving on this the rest of the way home the side of my truck looks like its all rusty!

Does anyone know of a cleaner for brake fluid or even a wheel cleaner that is somewhat safe to use on the painted surfaces?? Everything Ive ever cleaned wheels with says dont spray it anywhere near painted surfaces. Goin nuts now cause my black beauty lol is not lookin so clean anymore. Sorry for the long post
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