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Scottie -

Yes we run just the two crews. On monday we combine the two and I get out of the office.
we have to haul the Toro 580-D up to one of the sites on the flatbed. Four of us knock out 130 acre site on Monday then we split up for the rest of the week. We only mow 3.5 days a week with that rig. I've always said that rig doesn't roll unless it nets 4 digits a day. We send the mowing guys over to landscaping on the 5th day.
the mowing guys pretty much stay with the mowing rig so they know the sites well. Peak season there is 6 of us total.

My shop, right now we are renting a small space but I do have a project underway to build soon. We have some neat plans to pull four rigs in a shop from one end and out the other. We also want a wash bay inside. Our goal is to have this done in the next 1-2 years.

With the enclosed trailer that eliminated alot of uneccessary rent. Really the only thing that goes inside is the tractor/harley rake, and some miscellaneous tools. The trailer gets locked up and sits where it is.

We are finalizing plans for the 03 rig as we speak. It looks to be a 03 GMC topkick durmax/allison with an alluminum body for our hardscape. What's happening with the landscaping aspect is we get into these large build project
(we only do $10,000+)and end up there too long. People with money don't have patience, so we may add another crew there. We'll have the hardscape guys preceed the plant installation crew. We were almost 6 weeks out with design/build last year. Too long!

There is some other equipment but you'll have to wait for the 03 shot. Probably next May.

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