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Originally Posted by Mow Right View Post
Stop being a cheap@ss and buy Real Green Larry!!!

(Have to give ya a hard time)

Honestly Larry, it is good software, there are a bunch of crybaby's on this forum, that's why it gets a bad rep sometimes.
I don't think anyone is dogging it. The bad rap it gets is just people being honest. Ray said it was a great program and it is good, as it should be. The owner of Real Green is a very successful businessman. He has been in the lawn business for many years. When he produced the program he knew what to give the lawn professional to help his business succeed. But he isn't looking out for you, he is looking out for numeral uno.. himself. I mean after you purchase their program, do you think he gives a rats azz whether you succeed in your business? I mean that is pretty obvious by their customer service

We run our business the way we run our lives. I strive to give my customers the best customer service, the service they deserve. I want to set us apart from my competitors. I also like to do business with people with the same philosophy. Just because something is cheaper, doesn't mean it is better. But the same goes for something being more expensive.. it dosen't mean it's better

I am just saying.. Research before you buy. That is a lot of money to spend. Perhaps I am biased, we purchased my program for alot less, it does just as much if not more, and we paid a heck of alot less.

Just my 2 cents
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