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Originally Posted by unkownfl View Post
What size equipment do you have. Have any pictures? Right now this is my rig below. I still have two other trailers but I'm sick of towing. Right now I'm only getting between 9-11 mpg which sucks. Its a auto 4.2 v6. Just trying to get ahead because I know gas will be over 3.50 this summer for sure and probable close to the 5 dollar mark during driving season. I don't want to have to raise prices as much as others or at all if I can.

My 04 f150 Heritage shortbed , with 4.2 manual consistently got 16 mpg hauling a 6X10 , 36 walk , two 21"s , two trimmers, two blowers a edger and hand tools and tool boxes. You have a fuel issue or a lead foot.
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