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Originally Posted by americanlawn View Post
Almost everytime, we spread dry fert (and spray when needed). So being able to park on the "hose reel side" (like the old days) rarely affects us. Lots of times, we try to park in the driveway so we're out of the way of advantage of using pickup trucks or carrier racks with ride-ons (thanks TURFCO). More importantly for us is the ability to park under a shade tree when it's hot, but I doubt there is any software that addresses 'shade tree parking'.

Actually a carrier rack would be a disadvantate wouldn't it?

If you are hauling a would still need to UNLOAD on the hose reel side. Doesn't your rack unload on the SAME SIDE as a hose reel.

I guess I am really glad because I unload out of the back of a box truck so I don't care which side I am on!

BTW...I NEVER NEVER NEVER unload on someones driveway unless I have to. If for some reason I were to have a line bust or spill something...I don't want it to be on their "new concrete" or "new blacktop" driveway. Because you know that is where it is going to happen!

Rule #1 is we always park on the street or along the road when we can! Also when you are then blowing off their driveway you can do a much better job if your truck isn't in the way!

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