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Chiming in to this thread from MN. I LOVE To fish, next best thing from mowing, lol. It depends on the lake and the season, in the summer I love to target smaller lakes and ponds for largemouths. Me and a buddy targeted a small lake close to the house and did really good throughout the whole summer. We landed several over 5lbs and a ton of smaller ones in between 1 and 3 lbs, wish I had camera pics, they are all on cell phones though.
I love to fish in the summer but my favorite is ICE FISHING. I have plenty of time in the winter to get out there. This year I haven't much yet, but it should be frozen over enough next week to drive the trucks out, hopefully I can get out there. I love to catch walleye through the ice. Northerns are fun as well. I really like going and catching my limit of crappies though, they are TASTY to eat!
Great thread guys, lets here from some more Ice fishing guys, I know there is a few out there! Maybe not this weekend though, it's supposed to be -15 tommorrow.
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