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Originally Posted by Junior M View Post
Well I am bout 35-40 minutes from Lake Marion(Santee cooper) so you tell me..

Actually its dam good, Lake Wateree has some good fishing on the lower end near the river.

Fishing Creek is a freakin AWESOME place to fish, it definetly takes experience to fish that place.

Never bass fished lake murray. For one its to far and everytime I am out there its covered in people out ski-ing and swimming everywhere. So pretty much screwing up the fishing..

I have heard a lot about Marion but have not fished it, so i cant tell you. I also heard alot about Okeechobee and it sucked. hahahha I hear it has improved though because when i was there the water levels were really low because of a long drought. But i have not fished any of the Carolina's.
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