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I only have one question. What is off road
diesel?? I have a diesel truck, and mower. I run premium diesel in
both. Seems to do the trick. Thanks again, and happy holidays!

Hey everyone listen to this!!!!!

Off road diesel for those of you who don't know is non-road taxed diesel fuel. Same as heating oil. It has a dye in it that law authorities can check easily if you run it on the road. Big fines. But if you run it in mowers you can use it. Farmers use it all the time. Get this on road is about $1.50 gallon. Off road, $.89. Big difference. And perfectly Legal. Some truck stops have it as well. If they don't check with the heating oil supplier local to you to find out where to get it. As far as gasoline, there is no off road gas. However, on your yearly income tax for the business you can file a form to get that tax back that you ran in your mowers. Check with your accountant. You just have to track it closely. Whatever fuel goes into those transfer tanks on our truck goes to the mowers. That's how we track it. Some guys have separate credit cards for mowers. That's another idea. Guys you can save alot of $$ with off road fuels. KEep that in mind.

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