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Got started mowing a neighbor's lawn when i was about 10 years old, used her 21'' lawn boy and after 3 years when she moved to Florida she gave it to me. Mowed with it into high school and picked a cheap green machine weedwacker and homelite blower. Quit doing lawns while in college, but worked for a landscaper days I didn't have class, used that money to buy a 48'' bobcat wb after I graduated and was able to mow again. Since then I've upgraded to a 61" procat to speed things up a little and still use the 48'' as well. Bigger trailers, trucks, and all the equipment for hardscapes, and helpers have come as well.
Par 5 Landscaping

Chevy, GMC, and Ford Trucks, All Bob-Cat Mowers, Stihl Handhelds and Saws
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