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Originally Posted by TAC View Post
punt66, Very nice fish. When are you moving to Tx?

I'm loaded up and going fishing again tomorrow. I will post pics if I have a good day, if you don't hear from me you will know it wasen't a good day.

Going to be cold tomorrow, upper 40's, but it's going to be even colder by the end of the week and weekend.

Going to be almost 60 again by Mon, that's about right, I'm on vacation this week.

I may need to extend my vacation into next week to get some more fishing in. I will need to check with the boss, Oh wait, I'm the boss.

I can't belive you guys shot Bambi.
I eat bambi . My whole family does. Its a lot healthier then beef full of antibiotics and processed feed. My house goes on the market jan 15. I have been communicating with a realtor already in TX. I would say it will be within a year.
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