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Originally Posted by WHIPPLE5.7 View Post
Assuming your walk behind is the Scag in your Avatar you could easily make a trimmer rack that runs from the top handle area to the deck. You caould also make a little mount for your blower on the deck. Just don't make anything so permanant you won't be able to maintain your belts and stuff. As far as towing a traile with a WB even if you made one that did work your customers may think your crazy and have second thaughts about having you around
Yeah, I already messed around with the design of a trimmer holder and just used a few dowels to make a rig to hold it, worked decent, but not at all final, I also bungied down the blower and it held decently well.

Yater: Thanks for all your help, but I can't drive (teenager) and the reason for doing this is also to prevent my parents from having to drive me (and pick me up) every 30 min.

Thanks for all of the help guys, any more suggestions, that will keep me from looking crazy.

Thanks again guys, and God Bless!
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