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What I do for in neighborhood yards I just drive the mower with the push mower trimmers, edgers and blower in the utility cart in my sig line to the yards. Since most of my yards are close enough to just drive the mower to it doesn't make sense to spend time loading up the truck just to go a few houses down.

Clean cut what you could do is to just hitch a utility cart to the hitch for your sulky and just stand on the toung of the cart. When you get to the yard just unhitch the trailer and put the sulky back on. I've used the setup mentioned at the top of the post since before I got my truck and I have had only one person say something about it, but when I asked if it would make sense for me to load up the truck and drive over there when their yard is just down the street, they admitted they didn't think of that and never said anything about it again.
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