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intersting, we found the wrights to be super more productive and switched many yards over to those instead of even larger deck sized ztrs. the manuevering ability was the biggest factor i think

now over a walkbehind, um, you can ride faster than walking, if it is the same size then it is comparable dont you think. we used to run walks only and then got my hands on one stander and have never looked back, huge difference. now we have 5 standers on the fleet. they work great(smaller one) for small to larger medium lawns.

they are so much shorter and take up less room to make turns and things in the lawns and against walls and houses, no need to make double passes like you should with a walk behind to have room to not crush your hands against something

seriously i have no idea or reason why to ever go back to a walkbehind. it is like going to a push mower from a rider
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