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Grandstand suggestion

Hearing that the Grandstand in walk mode can be lacking a little on rear traction as the operator's weight is not there, I wonder if it would be possible to devise a system to transfer the unit's front weights quickly to the rear, or at least a way to quickly remove front weights so that the weight balance in walk mode is better. Some sort of quick attachment for the weights might be an easy fix.

This machine is more appealing if it can double as a true walk behind substitute for rainy soft ground, mowing delicate turf, and insane slopes/ditches. W/O proper traction people will reject it for that use. While currently it's nominally capable of that, reports seem to indicate that especially on slick turf, it might actually be worse than standing on it due to traction issues.

I figure a lot of guys might pick one up if they thought it could to the jobs formerly requiring two different machine types (wb and ztr/stander)
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