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Originally Posted by hackitdown View Post
When I switched from a WB to a ZTR, the increase in productivity was astounding. I was able to finish 8 or 9 lawns in the time it used to take to cut 6.

I find that the stander is almost as productive as the ZTR. It is way faster than a WB. Faster loading/unloading, faster in tight areas, faster backing up, faster all adds up.

Around here, you really need a bagging machine for some lawns and for cleanups. So most solos starting out go with a WB, then switch to a ZTR w/vac when business picks up. That is what I did. When I needed a 2nd mower to keep up with the lawns, the stander seemed like the best choice. And it was.

So the real advantage is mostly the maneuverability? Is the top speed much different with a wb & sulky than a stand on?
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