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Hi all -- we have sprayed up to one gallon per K with the boom. It's easily adjustable. Takes about 2 seconds to switch from 1/4 to 1 gpk (or more). Main reason we like the boom is for tall grass/weeds cuz you have to cover the weeds for a good kill. That's also when our 16 gal aux tank came in handy, but unless your spraying an overgrown property with tall grass & weeds, the boom is not necessary. IMO. (save your money and go with the standard 2010 T3000)

Foot pedal for fwd ---- We've been wondering that too cuz it would surely make a sweet unit even better. So far, no go. Next time we talk to TURFCO, we'll bring it up (again). I was told they tried it, but ........... I'll let somebody more knowledgeable than me answer this. But I'm thinking - there's gotta be a way.
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