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Wow just browsing through the new threads and saw this. Didn't think it would appear again.

The Kubota now has 255 hours and is tucked away washed and waxed for the winter. I used it on 40 yards per week during the season. (sure beats walking them like i did w/ the scag)

My opinion about the Kubota has not changed, it is a great machine. The cut is good, with good striping.

I purchased a bagging system for it in december, which performed great, but I wish it was a little bigger.

The only problem I had with the machine was both of the mowing deck pulleys failed because they were never tightened properly from the factory. They were replaced under warantee.

I have mentioned before, the kubota is a durable, well built machine. But no machine is good with out the proper maintenance. I take extemely good care of it. Sometimes cutting service intervals in half. All maintanence is performed by me.

I would recommend this machine to anyone, and I would also buy this machine over again. I have never second thought my purchase. (It took me 2 months to decide what machine to purchase, thats 2 months of lots of walking i did not have to do but I wanted the right machine)
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