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Originally Posted by metrocane View Post
I am sure the Kubota mower is good, but the dealers here and corporate are incompetent. So I have changed direction. Tell me what you think

I found an Exmark Lazer Z HP with a 46" Triton deck and Kawasaki 19 HP for $6500.00 drive out. It is a 2008 model with .4 hours on it. It has never cut grass. I cut small 1/4 to 1/3 acre lawns. Mostly Bermuda, some fescue. I don't have many bad hills, but they are poorly landscaped with lumps, valleys and dips. Is this a good price for the mower, is it a good mower, and will it perform well in my mowing conditions. I am in the suburbs of Atlanta Georgia. I would love to hear from Exmark owners and anyone with experience in my conditions.
It seems like a steep price for a HP model. Its not even full size, and its also two years old. I paid 7500 for a new machine with a 8 inch bigger deck and 8 more HP. Why don't you try another dealer. The Kubota dealer near me is a joke. They told me the kubota was no good and pushed me to a Scag. I went to a Kubota dealer 1 hour away and got better service.
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