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Originally Posted by Gravel Rat View Post
I just can't beleive you guys get more money for chips than lumber. You would see people cry grinding up logs that could be used for other uses.

It doesn't matter if it has bug holes that adds character when your making custom furniture wood.
I am just up the road from Curtisfarmer in Maine and yup chipping is big money I am the next town over from Sappi Paper mill and they truck chips there like it is no ones business. They have a storage yard that is huge, probably 100 yards wide by 300 yards long and 3 stories high that is all chips. They get so many chips per day that that have 2, yes 2 dumping landings that truck and trailer back onto and raises the whole truck to a 40 to 50 degree dump angle to dump the chippings to make dumping faster. So GR "around here" that is how they do it.
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