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Originally Posted by demhustler View Post
Originally Posted by topsites
My biggest complaint is at higher speeds the ride is so bumpy that the deck
literally goes to floating and never settles back down, resulting in a bad cut.

It's not that I have to mow at 25 mph but the deck is hung by chains from the frame as part of the
design so the only thing that holds the deck in place is gravity, which also allows the deck to get
knocked around when riding over bumps.

The only time the deck NEEDS to float is when either an anti-scalp wheel or the
relationship of the front casters to the rear part of the frame makes it do that...

The chains on every mower merely dictate the limit on the down travel, there is nothing preventing
the deck from traveling upwards on its own, such as when a bump knocks it around.

As for how to fix this I could not tell you, perhaps a system involving loaded springs in addition to the lengths of chain?

not just nothing except gravity holding deck on set cutting height position, but strong two springs (deck lift assist) reducing gravity force very significantly
so, not just on the bumps - any acceleration/deceleration in vertical dimension will reduce deck G-force closer to freefall (1) - with lesser force down, springs would pick deck up;

- spring travel can be locked and engaged only by operator pedal (likes it done in husqvarna), not both ways

(1) freefall body has Mass, no Weigh - Nasa airplane where they test weightlessness - good example)
jumping (flip/flapping) deck -serious issue - deck smashes against chains - impacts very stiff (even when mower frame moves smooth)
frame has tires; deck has nothing
we had deck felt-off - metal snapped around welds on lift arms;

solution could be:
1. light springs and shocks - to hold deck down on set by oprator cutting height;
2. rumbber bushings (stoppers) -like ones holding car/truck engines
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