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For one man shows - the accelerator hands down. We run multiple crews w/ many operators. Grass gobblers last forever (many years) and if need to be welded, not too difficult. Accelerators - welds don't hold up as well (especially on door), they tend to get stress cracks more - require a special welder (we don't have and neither does our dealer). Cost difference gg jumbo around $220, accelerator around $420. After 2 years, 1 accelerator dead beyond repair and second one in poor shape. My gobblers have always held up better, but are definately much heavier. I love the handle and door design of the accelerator as compared to gobbler. GG has re-designed door closure & there are no more corners that collect debris that constantly need cleaning. I've been using walk-behinds since the late80's and thats my $.02
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